Oliver J. Riester

 "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited ... while imagination embraces the entire world." Oliver Riester's working patterns are essentially shaped by this quotation from Einstein. In a highly dynamic working environment, he finds innovative problem-solving approaches and a focused working style to be the ideal ingredients for a successful collaboration. But he always places humans and their needs at center stage, seeing himself as a committed partner to ELIGENDO's clients.

Oliver Riester grew up in Switzerland and the UK. After leaving school he first trained in hotel management, but his initial experience in the field of equity investments motivated him to go into the world of finance. He acquired the knowledge and skills he needed for this by training as a banker in Luxembourg. After returning to Switzerland in 1993 he joined a major bank to handle marketing for its newly-launched Securities Lending & Borrowing Desk. He conducted specialist seminars and was appointed head of training. He was then responsible for designing an integrated financial teaching module for a major auditing firm in Switzerland. Oliver Riester and a business partner set up a strategic executive search company in 2001. Strategic recruiting turned out to be his true vocation, which he pursued in subsequent years with a large Scottish bank, as a freelancer – and, most recently, with the Swiss branch of a Luxembourg private banking group.

Fine dining is central to Oliver Riester's private life. He enjoys exploring new regions and cultures, finding inspiration in their recipes and delighting his guests with them. For relaxation he enjoys Pilates as well as swimming and cycling. Music and motor sport are also important to him, but now only as a listener and spectator.

Executive Search
Freigutstrasse 40
CH-8001 Zürich

T +41 43 305 05 20

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